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    Rhythm continually nurtures me, and sensitivity flows through my being in and out.

    Wonderfully memorable melodies meet sophisticated rhythms with such an inherent sense of dance that you’ll hardly notice how metrically complex they often are. A beautiful balance of heart and mind. This music feels very good to listen to. Looking forward to hearing much more from Ms Kuzeawu.” Aaron Parks

    This is a beautiful and original music that will connect all of us and give life to everything. Afi is one of the up coming new generation of musician with her own sound.” Lionel Loueke
    Sika is an amazing bass player and composer. Her album Nubu is just incredible. The album is very well produced and shines with sublime compositions and world class  playing. I can’t get enough listening to it. She is a complete artist who stays true to her herself and spreads pure happiness!” Peter Knoll

    Afi Sika Kuzeawu, who grew up in Lomé, Togo, has an academic background as an economist. It was during her job as an analyst in a trading company that she began to question her happiness. In her search for answers, she practised listening to her inner being, which made her discover a music inside of her that arose with such a clarity that she could not ignore it any more. That leads her to start composing her own music music and to start playing the double bass, leading her to study jazz at the HKB in Bern.

    She performs in the simultaneous combination of her voice and the double bass. Her first album “nubu”, recorded together with drummer Flo Hufschmid and pianist Gianni Guida, are compositions clearly reflecting her musical influences of her home country, Togo, through its rhythmical richness. This results in bass lines that actually originate from an internal dance, from a body impulse.

    As a soloist, Sika is a harmonious whole, singing and accompanying herself on the acoustic bass. A universe full of mysticism where she sings and plays her authentic being. Deeply rooted in the rhythms from all over the world together with the lyrical musicality of her voice in connection with the double bass, worlds from afar draw close. Besides performing solo, she performs with her trio,  for who she writes her music correspondingly.