• Grew up in Lomé, Togo.

    Vocalist, Double bassist, Composer, Theatre Performer.

    Born as the granddaughter of a griot – a musician and storyteller who maintains a tradition of oral history in West Africa -, she grows up surrounded by a rich musical environment ranging from traditional ewe music and dancing to congolese kwasakwasa, zouk, classical music and african-american music.

    After completing her studies of economics in Germany and working in that field for a few years, she starts playing the double bass as her first instrument in 2009 with Manni Hilgers in Aachen, Germany. Realising her purpose in the arts, she quits her job and moves to Switzerland in the same year, where she studies jazz at the Hochschule der Künste Bern with Patrice Moret.

    Her compositions present a mélange of her west african roots. Her strong creativity for rhythms as well as her sensibility for subtle jazz harmonies infuse her music.


    “Stolz und anmutig, gepaart mit einer authentischen Verletzlichkeit. Ich empfand die Botschaft, die sie auf der Bühne als Performerin rüber brachte, als klar und kraftvoll. Sie hat es auf den Punkt gebracht.” Corinne Germann, Kulturwissenschaftlerin

    “warm, flowing compositions, highlighted by a double bass, whose sound comes along big and earthed. She brings up a soft, dreamy, grasping, and always vibrating and pulsating utopia.” Ursus Bachtaler, guitarist

    “sophisticated, but natural.” David Tixier, pianist