My inner dance, the dances inside of my body, are what inspire me to the rhythms of my music. Since my childhood, I have been nurtured by various dances not only from my West Africa, but also from the rest of my continent, as well.

    In Afro Fusion, different dance styles dances and dance traditions from different regions of Africa are learned. Fluidity, body centering, grounding, reactivity, sensuality and more, are cultivated.

    In African cultures, music cannot be thought of without the body. I put a focus on the integrated musicality of the movements. This is cultivated in Western cultures, for example, in rhythm and plastique animée.

    Currently the focus is on contemporary dances danced at parties, discos, etc. The course includes a warm up, body building and a motif work from contemporary African dances (mainly Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Congo Kinshasa), which leads into a choreography.

    Join us at: Rhythm Rebels, Aarbergergasse 40, Bern.
    Thursdays, 18:45 – 19:45

    Get started on d-tense! Release tensions in your body through moving. You’ll find a better balance at your office between high-energy working and unfolding your creativity under my guidance.

    Body research. The first step to physical well-being is getting to know your body. With this course, you can hone your body perception skills, and integrate healthy habits. As you do so, you explore new ways of expressing yourself.

    The best flow. Apply the gentle tools of relaxing and stretching of your body, so as to optimise the energy flow within it.

    Creativity. Here’s the fun part – creating actual paths in yourself by means of a guided improvisation! You’ll be inspired when you get back to your desk.

    You will find various accents in the d-tense practice. Currently we are bringing the accent on purpose.

    Join us on Wednesdays, 18:30 – 19:30. Since the dates are irregular, please contact me here so I can communicate the next ones.

    After the very first class of d-tense had taken place at Tanzhaus Zürich in 2019, it is always a delight.